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Following the disrespectful actions of the NFL players which decided it was a good idea to kneel during the playing of the national anthem following the example of kneeler and former San Francisco 49-ers now-free agent Colin Kaepernick, the situation with the league escalated to a level never seen before. And now pictures have emerged of a Giants game showing something horrific.

The league faced several setbacks, including outraged fans, who burned seasonal tickets, made sure their TV ratings dropped lower than ever before and left the stadiums during the games empty.

The situation was no different today, when Twitter user James K. shared a photograph of the Giants’ most recent NFL game, which showed the stadium being half empty, a situation also referred to as “ghost town.”

But this is only the beginning of the NFL downfall, as their ratings and empty seats are not their only problem they are facing. Following President Donald Trump’s harsh comments on the whole situation, several major sponsors as well as many minor ones have pulled their ads from the league, expressing their outrage and revealing that they do not stand with nor support the actions of the disrespecting players, as they support the veterans, the soldiers, and everyone else risking their life for the safety of the American citizens.

On the other hand, the pictures of the empty Giants stadium can be seen below, and we suggest you take a close look and see how bad the situation with the league has become:

Not sure how much this photo will show, but from my seat in the press box …

— James Kratch (@JamesKratch) October 8, 2017

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— Fox News (@FoxNews) October 8, 2017

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