31 Years Ago: Slayer Redefine Thrash With ‘Reign in Blood’

Def Jam Slayer‘s first two full albums, 1983’s Show No Mercy and 1985’s Hell Awaits, were landmarks in thrash metal. They were more brutal, sinister and explosive than albums released around the same time by Metallica or Anthrax and they pushed the envelope with bloodcurdling growls and Satanic lyrics that paved the way for both death and black metal. Still, ...

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27 Years Ago: Slayer Release ‘Seasons in the Abyss’

Def American After releasing their speed-freak thrash metal manifesto Reign in Blood in 1986, Slayer slowed down their tempos for 1988’s South of Heaven. But it was on Seasons in the Abyss, which came out October 9, 1990, that Slayer found a confident middle ground between sheer velocity and malicious mid-paced chugging. The band started working on the new songs almost ...

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