Giants stadium with nearly empty seats * USA Newsflash

Following the disrespectful actions of the NFL players which decided it was a good idea to kneel during the playing of the national anthem following the example of kneeler and former San Francisco 49-ers now-free agent Colin Kaepernick, the situation with the league escalated to a level never seen before. And now pictures have emerged of a Giants game showing ...

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QB Colin Kaepernick Now Says He’ll Stand For The National Anthem If He’s Signed To A Team

UPDATE: Both Kaepernick and the CBS reporter who conducted his interview now claim Kaepernick never said he’d end his protest if he received a lucrative offer to play professional football. Reporter Jason La Canfora says that he and Kaepernick “never discussed” the issue of standing for the anthem during future games – hard to believe given that Kaepernick is famous ...

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